Updates on Flow 1.5, OS X Lion, and iOS 5

It’s been about two months since we’ve given an update, so let’s shed some light on what is and has been going on behind the scenes at Five Details.

Flow 1.5 with SFTP

Shipping the next version of Flow with SFTP support is our biggest priority right now. Internally, we’re progressing very nicely.

As part of the new ConnectionEngine that began shipping in Flow 1.4, what we’re designing and engineering is, to our knowledge, the most elegant and thoughtful implementation of SFTP (and consequently, SSH) on the planet. We’re enormously proud of the results we’ve seen so far and can’t wait to get this release into your hands. It’s going to be worth the wait.

While we’re not ready to accept beta testers for Flow 1.5 yet, the announcement will come first via Twitter, so be sure to follow @fivedetails!

WWDC, OS X Lion, and iOS 5

We were really pleased to attend Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference this year. While the contents of the sessions are confidential, I can say this: the futures of iOS and Mac OS X are very bright, and iCloud is an enormously big deal.

We’re still thinking about how the new technologies and clarified direction will impact Flow, but we know this: we intend to take full advantage of all of it.

In the meantime, it’s worth noting that the latest current version of Flow (v1.4.7) fully supports Mac OS X Lion. Likewise, the latest version of Seamless (v1.1.1) fully supports iOS 5.