Something New.

I’ve worked on Flow, Seamless, and Five Details (in one form or another) for the better part of the last 6 years. Today, I turn 22.

People who make things often refer to their products as their “children”, but the above numbers imply a different sort of relationship. Flow (et al.) aren’t my children — they’re my siblings. I grew up with them.

While I did nurture them as a parent would, their growth was more a reflection of my own than planned progress. I suspect those of you who have followed Flow and myself from our early days know this well, and are happy with how Flow has grown up. I know I am.

And that’s really the crux of it. Flow has grown up. It’s reliable, fast, and beautiful. I smile when I use it because it plays the role I created it for perfectly. Seamless launched to fill a niche I care deeply about, and has done so flawlessly and quickly with poise and grace. And Extendmac has morphed into Five Details — a brand that is wholly and beautifully consistent in its deference to product.

I am proud of the work I’ve done on Flow, Seamless, and Five Details. I am also satisfied with the former two, which is how I know it’s time for something new.

I realized all of this earlier in the year, and thought about beginning work on something very new at Five Details. Simultaneously, I realized that my ambitions had also grown enormously: the things I want to build require far more resources than would be practical at Five Details in the short-term.

It was with this in mind that I joined Facebook in early May. Few companies (if any) have the sort of stunning impact Facebook has (and will have…), nor the engineering and design talent Facebook has uniquely attracted over the past few years. Most importantly, Facebook is a company that entrepreneurs like myself can thrive at because of its incredible culture. It’s really quite extraordinary, and I couldn’t be more excited about what we’re building.

As my adventure at Facebook begins, it is with a teary eye and proud smile that my adventure at Five Details ends. Though I have decided to keep Five Details independent, no further development is planned. Flow and Seamless will continue to be available on the App Store for the foreseeable future, as they’re products that I love and use daily.

Thank you so much, and until next time,